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Himo Z20 Dual Mode Folding eBike

Electric bikes are popular than ever. They are eco-friendly, convenient to use, and extremely versatile. E-Bikes come in different configurations includingFat Tire, Mountain, City Commuter, etc. Also, folding eBikes are becoming so popular these days due to its easy to carry feature. You can easily fold it and carry it in your car when you are going out on an adventure. Not every foldable eBikes are good but we have one of the best ones today. Meet Himo Z20, a dual-mode electric bicycle with some of the best features you can ever think of.

Himo Z20 is an electric bicycle that has been developed technologically to meet outstanding characteristics of efficiency and effectiveness. It has been made this year by the Xiaomi Company and has various features. Since Z20 is a dual bike, you can easily bicycle it if you don't wish to use the juice from the battery.

Features of HIMO Z20 eBike

  • These are some of the coolest features of Z20, I particularly liked its compact size, range and quick charge capability.

  • Himo has a flexible and powerful 10Ah lithium battery with the ability to ride 80km on one charge

  • It has dynamic dual-mode cycling that allows for both electric and manual cycling

  • It is versatile, transportable and sleek, which allows it to be folded, stored and transported without difficulty and has a removable battery

  • It has a shimano 6-speed transmission system that allows for fast and reliable gear adjustment

  • It has a protective battery management system that calculates power and monitors current, voltage and temperature

  • It has an intelligent vector control system which is its brain that signals to communicate

  • It has a crystal clear waterproof HD display that efficiently conveys useful riding data

  • It has an advanced high-efficiency DC brushless motor that allows a variety of riding options

  • It has a patented aluminium frame which is lightweight, compact and durable easing foldability and storage

HIMO Foldable Electric Bicycle Z20

HD LCD display:Show clearly in the sun
Three foldable joints:Easy to carry and storage
Intelligent vector control:High efficiency and sensitivity
Precise control of kinetic energy response:Gear adiustment Fast and reliable
IPX7 waterproof:wind and rain outdoors of long time
Internal air pump:Accompanying you all the way and easy riding

Real Time Monitoring of Riding Data with HD LCD Instrument

Multi-mode Hybrid Engine to Switch Easily Z20 adopts HD LCD instrument, with water-proof performance up to IPX7, which is fearless of wind and rain. The real-time of riding data can be monitored with clear and visible data displaying in the sun, which is easy to control during riding. It has two kinds of power support, offering three riding modes, such as electric power, human power and electric supporting power, which can be switched easily during peak time or leisure holidays. The power modes can be switched easily to enjoy the joy of riding fully.

Pull out Design for Flexible Charging Free to go

The removable battery is only about 2.5kg and is perfectly hidden in the main girder of the frame. The pull-out design is flexible for charging. It has an 18650-power lithium battery and 10AH of sufficient power, bringing durable and powerful energy output. The electric power can last up to 80km. You can ride freely and explore the unplanned journey easily.

Charging time≈5h

Electric power riding≤80km

Charging times: 650+

Small Size with Big Functions Easy to Fold and Store

It is adopted the innovative design of the built-in battery box, which is closely connected with the bike body. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame is perfectly matched with the interior wiring design, which makes the appearance simple, generous and dynamic. There are three joints to fold, only requiring about 10 seconds . It can be extended freely and put into the trunk easily. It can enter and exit the elevator easily, displaying the static mechanical art. With the gray and white high-level steady fashion, it is easy to switch between commuting and sports.

High Efficiency Motor Shimano 6-speed Transmission System Easy Control of Changeable Road Sections

Shimano 6-speed transmission system is fast and reliable in gear adjustment, easy to operate and is light and labor-saving in riding. It is equipped with high-efficiency brushless DC motor to provide strong power output. Every acceleration is a unique trip experience and the changeable road section is easy to ride.

Intelligent Vector Control System: Efficient Sensitive, and Precise Control

As the control of the vehicle, the Z20 is equipped with an intelligent vector control system , which is connected with many parts throughout the vehicle body, to detect, collect and analyze the vehicle information, and to feed back the data in real time through the high-definition liquid crystal instrument, which is highly effective and sensitive. It precisely controls the kinetic energy response, saves more electricity, and brings you extraordinary experience.

Intelligent Management Battery Manager:Take Care of the Safe and Healthy Battery

As the safety keeper of battery, BMS intelligent battery management system can not only intelligently monitor, manage, and maintain each cell of battery, but also automatically distribute the load when the battery is low, automatically cut off the power when the battery is fully charged, and take care of the battery in all aspects, No matter what the weather is like, BMS intelligent battery management system can provide you with stable power and keep going. Overcurrent protection Overcharge protection Over-discharge protection Automatic power off Temperature protection Short circuit protection Voltage equalization

Double Disc-brake System CST Tire: Stable Braking / Excellent Performance

Sensitive and durable front and rear double disc brakes which are soft and sensitive to handle. It is easy to control the brake force and easy to switch on the road of riding. At the same time, CST high wear-resistant and super strong grip professional riding tires are selected. The tread design has the dual effects of reducing rolling friction and anti-side slip, and is engraved with wide deep-water patterns, which can improve the control ability of riding on wet and slippery roads in rainy days, and ensure all-weather riding stability and safe braking.

Dry braking distance:4m

Wet braking distance:6m

Bike Pump Double Supporting Mud Tablets: Switch Between Sports and Commuting Easily all the way

The carriable pump is ingeniously hidden in the saddle tube to use and take as needed along the way. At the same time, it is equipped with a supporting mud tablets to switch between sports and commuting easily all the way and freely ride between the city and the countryside, showing the beauty of riding.

Considerate Details to Display

Product model : HIMO foldable electric bicycle Z20

Product size : 1470x610x1095mm

Center distance between front and rear wheels : 965mm

Vehicle mass : 21.6kg

Maximum design speed : 25km / h

Riding endurance mileage : ≈80km

Electric endurance mileage : ≈50km

Power consumption per 100km : 0.65kw·h/100km

Load capacity : ≤100kg

Packing List

1*15 open-ended wrench

1* Plastic mud board

1* Iron mud board

1* Mud board support

2* Mud board screw

1* Instruction

1* Warranty card

1* Charger

All the above pictures and information are for reference only .The pictures capture all the physical.However,due to the difference of shooting light and display resolution,there may be slight color difference.Please be subject to the received actual products.


Brand: HIMO

Type: Electric bike

Model: Z20

Color: Black, White, Rose Gold


Max Rang(Mopped mode): ≤80KM

Max Rang(Pure Electric Mode): ≤50KM

Max Load: 100KG

Battery: 10AH 36V

Motor: 250W DC Motor

Rated speed: 326r/min

Rated Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: about 5H

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 21.6

Package Weight: 27.5

Product Size(L x W x H):  1470x550x1090mm(unfold); 860x740x400mm(fold)

Package Size(L x W x H):  900x440x700mm

Package Contents

1 x Z20 E-Bike

1 x Wrench

1 x Foot pedal

1 x Charger

1 x User Maual


Q:Is there any tariff?
A: There is no tax,Spain,Italy all no extra (customs) charges .

Q:Hello, how many days will it be delivered?
A: usually about 7 ~ 15 days

Q:Is the battery removable?
A: Yes, the battery can be removed externally

Q:What is the difference between model C20 and Z20?
A: The Z20 is foldable, but the C20 is not.

Q:Z20 bottom bracket noise
A: adjust the chain properly, the foot may have a strange sound, you can try to change the foot

Q:Where can the bike be repaired and guaranteed in Europe?How many years is the warranty for this product?
A; We have after-sale service in Germany, and we can offer one year warranty.

Q:Hello, how can I get a French assistance certificate? European certificate?
A: Please send us your email and we can send you electronic authentication

Q:Hello, my friend, we can provide you with the invoice after placing the order. This is the common English version of the invoice. Hello, could you please send me the invoice of the society? In French, if possible? thank you
A: Yes

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