Baseus Portable Car Jump Starter Device Power Bank Emergency 12000mAh High Power 12V Car Battery Booster Auto Starting Device

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Product Description

BASEUS Super Energy Pro Car Jump Starter

1000A Peak Current, Jumpstart Immediately

A car can be jump started in a second when the battery is low because of the peak current up to 1000A and strong power. Explosion-proof cells with high discharge rate are designed for car jump start and can withstand the high inrush.

A Good Helper for Gasoline/Diesel Vehicles

This jump starter is equipped with 4 strings of battery cells, which has a stronger jump start performance than conventional 3 strings of battery cells, providing strong power for large-displacement diesel and gasoline vehicles. No matter how large displacement, the car can still be jumpstarted by pressing one button, saving yourself from endless waiting.
Support 12V/6.0L gasoline vehicles and 12V/3.5L diesel vehicles

Jumpstart Vehicles Even in -20°C

High discharge rate cells with smart power supply IC enable the jump starter work normally in the low temperature. Built-in temperature protection resistance runs well in large temperature difference environment, without damage to components due to overvoltage and undervoltage.
Support working in -20°C to 60°C

Charge Once and Use 50 Times

Fully charge the 12,000mAh high-capacity lithium polymer battery once for repeated use. Tests indicate that the fully charged jump starter can jumpstart Toyota Crown Royal 3.0 with a naturally aspirated engine more than 50 times.

0.05mA of Low Power Consumption, Incredibly Long Battery Life

Large-capacity batteries and low-power current make idle power consumption as low as 0.05mA. It can maintain 85% of battery for a year from full power so it still works if you forget to charge it during the year.

Precise Digital Display of Battery Percentage

Just touch a button to know the current battery percentage on the smart digital display and charge it accordingly.

Multi-functional Protective Ignition Clamps for Safe Use

Intelligent ignition clamps with eight safety protection come with the product, which are up to the testing standards for more secure use.

Both a Jump Starter and a Power Bank

The body is equipped with multi-functional interface for jumpstart and also power supply. It can serve as a power bank to supply power for phones and other digital products, using Type-C interface with 5V/3A output for charging some laptops.

Stringent Quality Control, Nine Safety Protections

This product has nine protection designs, which passes strict tests at different levels to provide a strong guarantee for your safe travel. We insist on testing our products with higher standards than the industry average, and have passed many international safety certifications.

Keep Improving to Create Distinctive Design

Stick to the classic sports car design to create a different emergency jump starter. A combination of front side design and lights of sports cars, and metal texture creates eye-catching appearance and high performance.

First-time Users can Jumpstart in 3 Easy Steps

1.Insert the intelligent ignition clamps into the EC5 interface of the jump starter, and the clamp indicator flashes in red and green alternately.
2. Open the hood, and clip the positive and negative ignition clamps to the positive and negative electrode of the car battery accordingly.
3. Go into the car and start it up. After starting the car, please remove the jump starter immediately.

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