Car Jump Starter Power Bank 20000mA 600A 12V Output Portable Emergency Start-up Charger for Cars Booster Battery Starting Device

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Product Description

Car Jump Starter Power Bank 20000mA 600A 12V Output Portable Emergency Start-up Charger for Cars Booster Battery Starting Device


Battery Capacity :20000mAh Battery Cycle Life :≥3000 times Peak Current :600A Starting Current :300A Car Jump Start Output :12V DC Output :12V-16V/8A USB Output :5V–2.A Gas Engine Rating :Up to 6.0L Operating Temperature :-20℃-60℃

Diesel and steam double start strong power

6.0L gasoline car: Support 12V/6.0 displacement and below

Can’t start the car when it is out of power?

The car has been idle for too long / forgot to turn off the lights / can’t start when cold

Warm reminder:

Because each car owner has a different displacement and degree of electro-oxidation, the actual starting effect shall prevail.

Warm reminder:

*According to the size of the car’s displacement/year limit/car’s power loss, the effect and frequency of a full-charged emergency power supply will be different.

Digital charging battery life

4 USB ports simultaneous output, Intelligently adapted charging management chip, supports fast charging, Compatible with most digital devices on the market

Night emergency, Rescue lighting

1. Built-in glare lighting system. 2. Double click to enter,red and blue flashes,double click again to exit. 3.Long press the middle button for 3 seconds Press again in burst mode. 4. After turning on the flashlight,press the switch again to become a flash,the switch is the distress mode

Peak Current 600A

Prodict Details

Package includes

Jump Starter*1 Clip *1 Charger*1 Description says *1 Toolbox*1

Installation Steps

1. Insert the clip into the power start clip It is recommended to display more than two battery levels. 2 The red clip (+) is connected to the positive electrode of the car battery; the black clip (-) is connected to the negative electrode of the car battery 3.Get into the car and start the car 4.Get into the car and start the car. Remove the clip, the start is complete! (It is recommended to remove the clip within 30 seconds)

Matters needing attention before starting the car:

1. Check whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are cleaned 2. Before starting the car, you need to turn off the air conditioning and audio equipment in the car. 3. Check whether the clip port is inserted to the end, whether the clip is in contact with the positive and negative poles of the battery with the largest area, whether the clamp is stable and does not shake so that large current can pass through and start more smoothly. 4. First clamp the positive and negative poles of the clamp to the positive and negative of the battery respectively. Pay attention to the correctness of the clamp connection, do not continue to ignite the car or turn on the key and hold it down. The interval between each start is more than 30 seconds, and then start after cooling down. 5. Enter the car to start, and it takes 30 seconds to remove the power supply after successfully starting the car

Product cannot be charged

1. Check if you are using our charger (15 /1A) and if the charger indicator is on 2. For models without count display, when the charger is connected, whether the battery light is normally flashing and the battery is rising 3. If there is an on-board charger, use the on-board charger to charge the car for a while to observe whether the power is rising. Check if it is the problem of the home charger or the host 4 Contact us after failing to respond according to the above operations

Question: Will your product explode during use, or will the battery swell?

Answer 1: Correct operation will not explode or explode. Answer 2: It is not improper operation. For example, the positive and negative poles of the clamp port are reversed, the clamp is not fully clamped in place, the forced start is too much, or the forced start of a large displacement vehicle may cause the battery to burst or swell, but it will not cause spontaneous combustion. Or explode. Please contact us if you don’t understand the instructions

Question: Why does the battery clip burn and melt?

This is caused by the high-intensity load of the battery, the clamp is connected to the battery for too long, and the continuous start or forced start of the high-displacement car is caused. There will be no safety problems, but it cannot be used again.

For the smooth and successful start of your car, please ensure that the power of the car is more than two bars each time you start the car


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