Electric bike MAX 45km/h 800W 500W 48V electric mountain bike vtt 4.0 fat tire Electric Bicycle beach ebike

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Color: 800W 13AH 2 battery 500W 13AH 2 battery 800W 15AH 1 battery 500W 15AH 1 battery
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Keeper&Jim R8

It is a powerful, long-distance and comfortable all-terrain electric mountain bike. It is one of the most powerful mountain electric bicycles on the market today.

The R8 is powerful, quiet, and stable with a 500-watt brushless motor and a removable 48V15Ah lithium battery. It can propel you up to 50 kilometers on a single charge and reach the highest speed specified by the government.

The maximum speed of an electric bicycle is about 45 km/h under normal road conditions, and the climbing capacity can reach 35°.

Worried about running out of power? no problem. R8 ate a lot of long roads and long days. If you want to drive a longer mileage, you can choose to buy another spare battery (48V, 15AH) to increase the cruising range and ensure that your battery can last for the required time.


Although R8 has a powerful motor and can reach high speeds, it is a safe electric bicycle. It has a 5-level speed limit function, you can set the maximum speed limit to ensure safe driving. The dual hydraulic brakes ensure your driving safety and will automatically cut off the power when braking.
The aluminum alloy frame is light and strong, and the safe load of this electric bicycle can reach 150kg. The key components are waterproof, and the power will be cut off automatically when braking. Electric bicycles have a complete LED lighting system to ensure that you are always illuminated and safe. Smart control center can monitor speed, battery usage and riding distance, and display it on the LCD display

Convenient and comfortable

You can fold the R8 and put it in the trunk of the car, and then take it to the beach. We will give you a mobile phone holder for free, and the USB charging port in ebike can easily charge your mobile phone.
The front suspension and 7-speed transmission system provide you with a comfortable and safe driving experience. In flat road conditions, you can lock the suspension for a better experience. 20x 4.0 inch tires can increase the friction on the road, and drive more stable under all road conditions such as snow, road, beach and mountain bike.

3 working modes

Pedal assist mode: The motor helps you step on the pedal with medium power. In this mode, you can drive 80 to 100 kilometers before charging.
Full electric mode: Adjust the throttle to all power levels required to drive the bicycle engine. In this mode, it has a range of 45 kilometers. The meter has a 5-speed smart button.
Manual mode: usually pedal like other bicycles. It has a 7-speed Shimano professional transmission system.


Frame guarantee: 3 years. Engine guarantee: 365 days. Battery guarantee: 365 days. 95% of the bike is pre-assembled when you get it. We have set up a customer service center in Belgium to provide you with comprehensive customer service. 7*24 hours.


❶ You purchase an ebike.

❷ A mechanic pulls the ebike out of the box and builds it 100%. The brakes and gears are tuned and set. The mechanic will then test ride the ebike and ensure everything is running smoothly.

❸ The mechanic then packs the ebike back into the box. The box is sealed and then sent on its way to you.

❹ Your ebike arrives.

❺ Use the tools provided and fit a few simple parts. If you get stuck, use ebike assembly videos or contact our customer service and we’ll help you.



Non-consumable parts warranty time is 24 months:
Meter,Controller,Charger,Booster,Turn handle,Frame,Flywheel,Tire
Consumable parts warranty time 12 months:
motor, battery
If the above parts are confirmed to be non-human damage, we will provide related warranty services.

Not covered by warranty:
1.The warranty period has passed.
2.Commercial lease.
3.The gifts are not covered by the warranty.
4.Failure and damage caused by unauthorized modification or disassembly without our permission.
5.Damage caused by improper operation by the user, flooding, and overload failure caused by overweight.
6.Failures caused by human errors not mentioned above.
7.In order to bring better products to customers, we will regularly upgrade electric bicycles and accessories. Due to the huge production and shipment volume, we will not notify you for upgrades and changes of accessories. We promise that the upgrades and changes of accessories are to bring customers a better user experience and product quality.

When the product is abnormal, contact customer service as soon as possible. We will be happy to solve the problem for you.
Do not disassemble it yourself, so that the engineering department cannot correctly judge the failure and affect the maintenance.
We will reject all warranty terms without modification or disassembly without consent.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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