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The Significance of Red Rope

A pair of lovers will wear the same red rope, male left and female right, just like a token! It’s called the chain of love, meaning forever together. If a boy ties a red rope to a girl’s left ankle, it means he will never give up.
Couple red rope bracelet

Today’s celebrities like to wear red ropes, such as Faye Wong, Zhao Wei, Yao Ming and so on.

exorcise evil spirits
In order to ward off evil spirits, Ben would like to bring a red rope! The red rope represents a kind head to himself. Everything is safe and smooth. Take bad luck away. They usually wear red underwear, red belts. The girl ties a single red rope to her left foot to ward off evil spirits. If she is on her right foot, she has the meaning of expecting true love, that is to say, she may be waiting for someone who can accompany her for a lifetime. The old man said that the red rope on the left foot did not meet ghosts at night.
Red rope meaning
1, the year of the year: this does not need to be said! Everybody knows that. We have to wear red ropes
2, the New Year! Wear red rope, good luck, good luck. Money rolling. It’s a long tradition, something unique to China.
3. Good luck: Too old this year? Blast, brake? Red rope evades evil and transports. It’s necessary to prepare one for yourself.
4, seek marriage, red rope pull. The old man only tied up the red rope. Seek marriage red rope
If you give her(him) the red rope, the meaning will never be separated-the red rope wrist forever accompanied

Warm wishes
Give one to my mother – Wish her a long life! Health and longevity!
Send one to your loved one – Wish her (him) good luck all her life [1]! Good luck and happiness to you!
Give someone who loves you a gift – wish her (his) dream come true! Everything goes smoothly!
Send one to yourself – wish yourself a happy life! Everything goes well!
Give one to the child – wish her (him) healthy and lively! Grow up peacefully!
Send a friend — wish her(him) a good job! Love is sweet!
If you don’t wear it for your friends in your life year, you can be lucky as you wish.

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