Plastic Part Car Interior Exterior Retreading Agent Automotive Retreading Coating Remover Maintenance Car Cleaner 30ml

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Color: sponge sponge towel

Product Description


*Car interior and exterior renovation, the effect is long lasting to ridiculously up to 365 days

* -plated products are quickly plated and protected, efficient and durable

*Functional upgrade, anti-aging, black and bright as new, not greasy

*Contains plant extracts, deeply moisturizes and maintains luster

*Fast effect, longer lasting, non-greasy, no damage to the car, easy to operate


Name: Plating crystal for plastic parts

Capacity: 30ML

Form: Liquid

Shelf life: three years

Product function: Maintenance of exterior plastic and rubber parts/anti-aging/brightening gloss

Suitable location: used for automotive hard plastic parts

Package Included:

1*30ml Refreshing agent



1*30ml Refreshing agent



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