UTRAI Power bank 22000mAh 2000A Jump Starter Portable Charger Car Booster 12V Auto Starting Device Emergency Battery Car Starter

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Color: 1600A Jstar Zero 2000A Jstar One
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UTRAI Car Jump Starter Power Bank 22000mAh battery Car Auto Booster Charger Starting Emergency Battery Portable Car Jump Starter
Do You Have Such Troubles?
1.Left unused for too long
2.Negligence in using battery-consuming appliances
3.Temperature is too Low
UTRAIJstar one 22000mah 2000ACar Jump Starter Portable Emergency Charger Lithium Ion Battery Power Bank Car Booster Starting Device Waterproof

Specifications Of Jstar ONE 22000mAh 2000A NO Safety Hammer
Battery Capacity:22000mAh
Battery Cycle Life:≥300 times
Peak Current:2000A
Starting Current:1000A
Car Jump Start Output :12V
DC Output:12V-16V/8A
Type-C Input: 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
USB1 Output:5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
USB2 Output:5V/2.4A
Gas Engine Rating:Up to 8.0L
Diesel Engine Rating:Up to 6.5L
Operating Temperature :-20℃~+75℃
LED Light Power:White: 1W
Charging Time:Type-C Input: 4h-4.5h
Unite Size(L*W*H)170mm * 87mm * 47mm
Specifications Of Jstar ZERO 16000mAh 1600A With Safety Hammer
Battery Capacity:16000mAh
Battery Cycle Life:≥300 times
Peak Current:1600A
Starting Current:800A
Car Jump Start Output:12V
Type-C Input:5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
USB1 Output:5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
USB2 Output:5V/2.1A
Gas Engine Rating:Up to 7.0L
Diesel Engine Rating:Up to 6.5L
Operating Temperature:-20℃~+75℃
LED Light Power:White: 1W
Charging Time:5V/2A Charger: 4h   9V/2A Charger: 2.5h
Unite Size (L * W * H):174mm * 90mm * 35mm
Jump Start Your Vehicle, Absolutely Safety
Jstar One is a portable high performance22000mAhlithium-ion battery jump starter that delivers 2000-amps for jump starting a dead battery in seconds. It features a reliable safety technology that takes the risk and fear out of jump starting by ensuring power only flows when it is safe to do so. Our jump starter stands up to repeated professional use.
Powerful Jump Starter., High rate polymer lithium battery
Peak current:2000A
Starting Current: 1000A(3S)
★High capacity:22000mAh (81.4Wh)
★Start 30-40 times after fully charged

Combines Power and Ease-of-Use in a Durable, Reliable Unit

Reliable power that is there when you need it any condition, Jstar One holds its charge and jump start for safety and durability even extreme temperatures from-20℃ to 75℃. It's also water resistant, shockproof and dustproof. Best for long distance driving, adventure, outdoor, daily emergency, travel, etc.

Your Lifesaver Expert for Your Personal Cars
Jstar One will boost most vehicles like cars, boats, motorcycles, ATV/UTV's and trucks withgas engines up to 8.0Lin size anddiesel engines up to 6.5Lin size. Its compact size, rugged case and ability to jump start vehicles over 30 times on a single charge make the Jstar One a perfect companion for any situation in which you need portable power.
Smart Battery Clamp, Security Protection
Its battery clamps features several protections to make jump starting safer for the operator and the vehicle being started, offering reverse polarity protection, over-current, short circuit, overload, over-voltage, and over-charge protection, making safe and easy for anyone to use.
Simple & Easy to Safer Use Beyond Imagination
We designed the Jump Starter Jstar One to be simple and easy to use, even perfect for newcomers too. LED statues indicator display the internal lithium batteries charge level and charging status. Error alarm sounded when the battery clamps connected in reverse polarity or temporarily disabled for thermal protection.
Show work status at any time
★Ready to work  —Flashing red and green
★Work status —  Green light is working
★Connect error —Wrong sound and red light
★Low power — Red light

Powers All Your Devices On The Go

It's a powerful battery booster that doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices, like a smartphone, tablet and more, or powering12-voltdevices, like a tire inflator and much more.

Lasting Charge

Jstar One holds its charge for up to a year in your great glove box.

Easy Recharging

Jstar One comes equipped with universal Type-C USB Port, making it simple to recharge.

Backup Power

The built-in dual USB out port can power all of your devices,
such as your phone, tablet, etc.

Emergency Multi-Mode LED Flashlight

In addition to jumping start your vehicle and charging your devices, Jstar One also features Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight, Strobe, SOS and Warning Modes for providing additional safety, protection and convenience.

Compass for your car

★Make your trip never get lost

Esay to Carry

Portable design,Power up anywhere

Easy to use

1: Press power button

2 :Insert the battery clip

3 :Connect the positive/negative clips to the battery

4 :Start your car 05 Remove clamps and pack away

How Charging your Jump Starter ?

At Home :
1. Plug theUSB cableinto computer or anyUSB 2A wall adaptor(not included).
2. Connect the Type-C port into the Jump Starter.
In Car :
1. Plug thecar adaptor(not included)into the socket.
2. Connect the Type-C port into the Jump Starter.
NOTE:It is recommended to recharge the Jump Starter every 3-4 months to maintain the efficiency and prolong the service life of the internal battery even if the unit has not been used.
Charging your Smart Phones or any other Devices
Your Jump Starter comes with two USB charging ports located at the front of the unit:
• Plug the USB cable into the USB output ports on your Jump Starter.
• Connect it to your phone, tablet or other devices you want to charge. You can charge 2 devices at the same time.
• Power on your Jump Starter to start charging!

Package Including:

1*Jump Starter

1*Smart Clamps

1*DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter

1*USB To Type-C Cable

1*Carrying Case

1*User Manual

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